Zona franca sisma Centro Italia: nuovi arrivi tra i beneficiari

Approvati due elenchi che incrementano il numero delle imprese che possono accedere agli sgravi fiscali e contributivi rispetto a quanto previsto dal Dm dello scorso 28 maggio

Central Italy earthquake zone: new arrivals among the beneficiaries
Two lists have been approved which increase the number of companies that can access tax and social security contributions compared to the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 28 May

C ompletata verification of the amount that may be granted to companies, the  Decree of October 22, 2018  the Ministry of Economic Development integrates the lists annexed to the previous decree of May 28, 2018, the beneficiaries eligible for aid provided for the urban free zone in the municipalities of the Regions Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo hit by earthquakes started on 24 August 2016.

The facilities, as lastly established by Law 205/2017 (Financial Statements 2018), provide, under certain conditions, tax and social security contributions for companies, and only contributions for self-employment income holders, of Zfu Sisma. Central Italy, penalized by the earthquake.
In particular, the law 205/2018 (article 1,  paragraphs 745  and  746 ) has further extended the facilitating assumptions.
The Mise, for its part, has repeatedly intervened to provide clarifications on the requirements, limits and deadlines to benefit from the preferential regime, through the circulars 99473/2017, 114735/2017, 163472/2017 and, finally, in light of the changes made from the 205/2017 law, with the  directorial circular 14422/2018 .

With the ministerial decree October 22 under examination, there are four other subjects admitted to the facilities, listed in  annexes 3b  and  5b  to the document. Of the two new arrivals, they enter the list of beneficiaries according to paragraph 745, article 1, of the law 205/2018 and the other two according to the following paragraph.


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